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Michael A. Muller

Lower River Reworks

Deutsche Grammophon
Release Date: October 20, 2023

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1 Masayoshi Fujita Rework  
2 New Symmetry - Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch Rework  
3 Glyph I - Marcus Fischer Rework  
4 Heather Woods Broderick, Elan Green - Seen - Saariselka Rework  
5 Glyph II - Julia Kent Rework  
6 Elyria - Daigo Hanada Rework  
7 Fixed Shadow - David Moore & Bing & Ruth Rework  
8 Recedes - Duane Pitre Rework  
9 Recedes  
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Lower River has been extended with the addition of “Glyph III”, a brand-new track from the Balmorhea co-founder  Alva Noto contributes a new remodel of “Recedes”  to the companion release, Lower River Reworks. “Notes stream forth, coming from this radiant river, which itself lays down roots in the mind and the imagination, but there’s a direct impact on the physical body, too, with the slowing of the pulse, the loosening heartrate…”Fluid Radio UK on Lower River. Michael A. Muller’s meditative debut album Lower River explores the place where space, time and self are occluded; a study in hearing versus listening, and engaging with sounds that challenge what music ought to be. On 22 September 2023, the Balmorhea co-founder’s full-length solo album—originally released in 2019—will be reissued digitally by Deutsche Grammophon. The release will be followed on 20 October by DG’s reissue of Lower River Reworks, a companion album featuring re-imaginings of Muller’s tracks by specially commissioned artists. 

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