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Matt Haimovitz


Oxingale - PENTATONE

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Matt Haimovitz Masterclass
Matt Haimovitz at Daydreams
Matt Haimovitz Discovers Isang Yun
Interview w/ WGTE
1 Led Zeppelin: Kashmir  
2 Bartok: Roumanian Dances 1  
3 Bartok: Roumanian Dances 2  
4 Bartok: Roumanian Dances 3  
5 Bartok: Roumanian Dances 4  
6 Bartok: Roumanian Dances 5  
7 Bartok: Roumanian Dances 6  
8 DJ Olive/Haimovitz: Goulash  
9 Adrian Pop: Gordun  
10 Golijov: Oracion Lucumi  
11 Ligeti: Son. for Violincello Solo/1  
12 Ligeti: Son. for Violincello Solo/2  
13 Bartok: Rhap. 1 for Violin & Piano/1  
14 Bartok: Rhap. 1 for Violin & Piano/2  
15 Constantinople/Haimovitz: Menevse  
16 Bartok: Suite from 44 Duos/1  
17 Bartok: Suite from 44 Duos/2  
18 Bartok: Suite from 44 Duos/3  
19 Bartok: Suite from 44 Duos/4  
20 Bartok: Suite from 44 Duos/5  
21 Bartok: Suite from 44 Duos/6  
22 Bartok: Suite from 44 Duos/7  
23 Bartok: Suite from 44 Duos/8  
24 DJ Olive/Haimovitz: Trans  
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Following his 50-state Anthem tour trailblazing cellist: Matt Haimovitz expands his timbral palette again with Goulash!, a new collaborative album which features legendary guitarist John McLaughlin and cutting-edge turntablist DJ Olive. Celebrating Bartok's fascination with the folk music of Transylvania, Hungary, Romania and Turkey, Haimovitz delves into his own Romanian/Middle Eastern ancestry to create a sonic tapestry that bridges genres, geographic distances and cultures.


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