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Mashkoor Ali Khan: Bio

Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan is the torchbearer of a distinguished and ancient musical line that includes some of the foremost figures in Indian Classical music. A direct descendant of the family of the great Ustad Abdul Karim Khan and the legendarySartaj-e-Mousiqui Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan, who were luminaries of the Kirana Gharana, Maskhoor Ali is the son of the greatSarangi-nawaz Padmashree Ustad Shakoor Khan.

Initiated and trained by his father for fifteen years, young Mashkoor Ali had secured a place for himself in the world of music even before his father breathed his last.  Since the early1980's he has been a senior Guru at the ITC Sangeet Research Academy, India's premier institute of Hindustani classical music in Kolkata. He is well respected as the Khalifa of the Kirana gharana because of his lineage and his erudition and keen understanding of the nuances of the gharana's gayakee or style of singing. He is also credited as having one of the richest collection of melodies in the khayal genre of music in India.

He has recently appeared at such prestigious events as the Sangeet Natak Akademi Festival, Delhi, Harballav Sangeet Sammelan, Jalandhar, Saptak Festival, Ahmedabad, ITC SRA Sangeet Sammelan, Kolkata, Delhi Classical Music Festival, Delhi, Lalit Kala Academy, Pune, to name a few. In the past, he has also performed in equally prestigious venues like Dover Lane Music Conference, Kolkata, Sawai Gandharva Sammelan, Pune, Sajan Milaap Sammelan, Mumbai, Swami Haridas Sammelan Festival, Mumbai, Victoria Memorial Concert, Kolkata, Apna Utsav, Delhi, among others. Outside of India, he has performed recently at Carnegie Hall, the Rubin Museum of Art and Raga Music Circle in New York, MITHAS in Boston, Raga Samay Festival in Philadelphia and many other venues.

His awards are many, but include the Sangeet Natak Akademi Puraskar by the Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi, 2015 and the Gandharva Award by the Hindusthan Art & Music Society, Kolkata, 2012.

1 Raga Basant
2 Raga Bhupali
3 Raga Desh
4 Raga Jhinjhoti
5 Raga Shahana
Transcendence: Mashkoor Ali Khan & Anindo Chatterjee. Raga Shahana Bandish in Teental
Transcendence: Mashkoor Ali Khan & Anindo Chatterjee. Raga Jhinjhoti Bandish in Rupak tal & Teental
Transcendence: Mashkoor Ali Khan & Anindo Chatterjee. Raga Bhupali Tarana in Teental
Mashkoor Ali Khan - Transcendence - Raga Desh Drut bandish in Jhap tal
Shakhsiyat with Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan
Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan on The Foundations TV
Rajya Sabha TV
Amir Khusrow by Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan

Transcendence,released April 7th on the Nimbus Alliance label, brings together master Indian classical vocalist Mashkoor Ali Khan with the extraordinary tabla virtuoso Anindo Chatterjee to create some sublime music reflecting the depths of their respective centuries old musical traditions. First of a two-part release, this CD contains five very special compositions drawn from Khan's rich and unparalleled collection of traditional ragas and bandishes. The tracks reflect a diverse set of ragas evoking a range of emotions from a short and lively taranaa in Bhupali to a deep and soulful rendition of Jhinjhoti.

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