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Martha Argerich | Sergei Babayan

Prokofiev for Two

Deutsche Grammophon

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Martha Argerich- Sergei Babayan for a Music School on Easter Island

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1 Prokofiev: 12 movements from Romeo and Juliet / Juliet's death  
2 Montagues and Capulets  
3 Morning Dance  
4 Quarrel  
5 Gavotte  
6 The Young Juliet (The Nurse and Romeo)  
7 Folk Dance  
8 Dance with Mandolines  
9 Aubade  
10 Dance of Five Couples  
11 Romeo and Juliet Before Departure  
12 Death of Tybalt  
13 Prokofiev: Incidental Music To Hamlet, Op. 77 - The Ghost Of Hamlet's Father  
14 Prokofiev: Incidental Music To Eugene Onegin, Op. 71 - Mazurka  
15 Polka  
16 Prokofiev: The Queen Of Spades, Op. 70 - Polonaise  
17 Prokofiev: Pushkin Waltzes, Op. 120 - Waltz No.2 In C Sharp Minor  
18 Prokofiev: War And Peace, Op. 91 - Natasha's And Andrei's Valse  
19 Prokofiev: The Queen Of Spades, Op. 70 - Idee fixe  
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Pianists and longtime collaborators Martha Argerich and Sergei Babayan team up for Prokofiev for Two, an album of two-piano transcriptions by Babayan of Prokofiev's music for stage and screen. Dedicated to Argerich, Prokofiev for Two features a 12-movement transcription of pieces from the Russian composer's ballet Romeo and Juliet and a seven-movement suite derived from Prokofiev's incidental music for Hamlet and Eugene Onegin, his film score for The Queen of Spades and his opera War and Peace.

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