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Mark O'Connor

Jam Session

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Mark O'Connor Meets Berklee: 'Swingin' on the Ville'
Mark O'Connor at Berklee 2009-Gypsy Fantastic
Mark O'Connor Interview
1 Granny White Special  
2 Gypsy Fantastic  
3 Macedonia  
4 Swingin' On The Ville  
5 Soft Gyrations  
6 Pickles On The Elbow  
7 Don't Let The Deal Go Down  
8 In The Cluster Blues  
9 Minor Swing  
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World-renowned acoustic musicians Mark O'Connor (violin), Chris Thile (mandolin), Frank Vignola (guitar), Bryan Sutton (guitar), Jon Burr (bass) and Byron House (bass) can captivate audiences with just their instruments. But for them, jamming is a meeting of musical minds and genres in communication, a perfect example of holistic American music. 'Jam Session,' on OMAC Records, offers "dazzling" (Wall Street Journal) live acoustic recordings that combine bluegrass and gypsy jazz as never before on disc.

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Direct: ALLTVMusic
Markets include: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Wash DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Houston, Minneapolis, Portland, Miami, Detroit, Las Vegas, Austin
Online: Guru, Taintradio, WGOE

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