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Mark O'Connor

Americana Symphony

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Mark O'Connor describes composing his 'Americana Symphony'
Soaring Eagle, Setting Sun from the 'Americana Symphony'
Mark O'Connor Interview
1 Variations on Appalachia Waltz I  
2 Variations on Appalachia Waltz II  
3 Variations on Appalachia Waltz III  
4 Variations on Appalachia Waltz IV  
5 Variations on Appalachia Waltz V  
6 Variations on Appalachia Waltz VI  
7 Concerto No. 6.1 Old Brass, The Road is Smooth  
8 Concerto No. 6.2 Old Brass, Span. Moss/Black Water  
9 Concerto No. 6.3 Old Brass Fugue in 6 Parts G&C  
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Mark O'Connor's 20-year musical journey from the fiddle competitions of the south to the stages of Carnegie Hall and The Library of Congress reaches a new milestone in Spring 2009 with the release of his debut symphony. Featuring the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, as led by the world-renowned conductor Marin Alsop, the work takes its inspiration from O'Connor's own melody "Appalachian Waltz," the titular piece from his first collaboration with Yo Yo Ma, in 1995. More importantly, it boldly defines the resurgent American Classical movement that O'Connor helps lead. Due out on his own OMAC records on March 10, 2009, the album also includes O'Connor's Concerto No. 6, "Old Brass."

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