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Mark Berman

The Genesis Project

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The Genesis Project 3/9 Heaven
The Genesis Project 4/9 Let Land Appear
The Genesis Project 9/9 Peace
The Genesis Project 5/9 Let The Land Approach Us
1 Prologue  
2 In the Beginning  
3 Let There Be Light  
4 Interlude 1  
5 Heaven  
6 Interlude 2  
7 Let Land Appear  
8 Land Approach Us  
9 Interlude 3  
10 The Sun The Stars  
11 Back To Earth  
12 Birds And Fish  
13 Man & Woman  
14 Peace  
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In the beginning, when God was creating the heavens and the earth, He was no doubt already looking ahead a few eons, choosing Mark Berman to bring the poetic musings of the Ancient Hebrews to glorious contemporary musical life. "Let There Be Jazz," God said, and the veteran New York based pianist and conductor set to work on The Genesis Project, his own bold and ambitious, jazz driven creation that takes the listener on an extraordinary, interpretive journey through the first chapter of the Bible.

3 New "ON" this week: 17 "Total Stations
Markets includes:
Philadelphia, Portland, Mendocino CA, Fort Collins CO, Princess Anne MD, Syracuse NY, College Station TX, Stevens Point WI
Online: RadioIO: Jazz, RadioMike

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