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Marisa Monte

Universo ao Meu Redor

Metro Blue

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Marisa Monte - Universe around me
Marisa Monte - The Gift Tram (Lyrics)
Marisa Monte: Interview (2014) - Part 1
Marisa Monte: Entrevista (2014) - Parte 2
1 Universo Ao Meu Redor  
2 O Bonde Do Dom  
3 Meu Canario  
4 Tres Letrinhas  
5 Quatro Paredes  
6 Perdoa Meu Amor  
7 Cantinho Escondido  
8 Statue Of Liberty  
9 A Alma E A Materia  
10 Lagrimas E Tormento  
11 Satisfeito  
12 Para Mais Ninguem  
13 Vai Saber  
14 Petalas Esquecidas  
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Brazilian superstar Marisa Monte gives us Universo ao meu redor (The Universe Around Me). A collection of Samba songs both old and new, the CD is co-produced by Monte and Mario Caldato, and features a guest appearance by "X Talking Heads" frontman David Byrne on the song "Statue of Liberty," which he co-wrote with Monte. 

6 New "ON" 47 Total Stations/Shows
PRI: The World
Markets include: Los Angeles, Chicago, Wash DC, Philadelphia, Seattle, Miami, Baltimore(ADI), Berkeley CA

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