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Maria Schneider Orchestra

Data Lords


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Welcome to our new recording project Data Lords!
Maria Schneider on Data Lords - LOC
Jazziz Magazine
1 A World Lost  
2 Don't Be Evil  
3 CQ CQ Is Anybody There  
4 Sputnik  
5 Data Lords  
6 Sanzenin  
7 Stone Song  
8 Look Up  
9 Braided Together  
10 Bluebird  
11 The Sun Waited for Me  
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Data Lords is a new double-album by Grammy Award-winning composer and bandleader Maria Schneider. Inspired by conflicting relationships between the digital and natural worlds, the recording features Schneider's acclaimed orchestra of 18 world-class musicians.

"No one can deny the great impact that the data-hungry digital world has had on our lives. As big data companies clamor for our attention, I know that I'm not alone in struggling to find space – to keep connected with my inner world, the natural world, and just the simpler things in life," says Schneider. "Just as I feel myself ping ponging between a digital world and the real world, the same dichotomy is showing up in my music. In order to truly represent my creative output from the last few years, it felt natural to make a two- album release reflecting these two polar extremes."


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