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Maria Schneider & Dawn Upshaw

Winter Morning Walks


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Maria Schneider's 'Winter Morning Walks' - A brand new recording!
About Maria Schneider's new album, 'Winter Morning Walks'
1 Perfectly Still This Solstice Morning
2 When I Switched On a Light
3 Walking By Flashlight
4 I Saw a Dust Devil This Morning
5 My Wife and I Walk the Cold Roads
6 All Night, in Gusty Winds
7 Our Finch Feeder
8 Spring, the Sky Rippled with Geese
9 How Important It Must Be
10 Prologue
11 The Dead in Frock Coats
12 Souvenir of the Ancient World
13 Don't Kill Yourself
14 Quadrille
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Maria Schneider releases: 'Winter Morning Walks' featuring soprano Dawn Upshaw. It is Schneider's first recording with major orchestras and features two commissioned works composed and conducted by Schneider with The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and Australian Chamber Orchestra, and poetry by Ted Kooser and Carlos Drummond de Andrade. Blurring the line between classical and jazz, with touches of avant-garde and pop sensibilities, Winter Morning Walks marks a new chapter in an already illustrious career.

24 New ON    85 Total for 2014   187 Overall
SYND: PRI/Classical 24 & Jazz After Hours, NPR:ASC & TTBOOK, The Bill Miller Show
Direct: SiriusXM, Music Choice, MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Denver, New Orleans, San Antonio, Albuquerque, Indianapolis, Berkeley CA, Long Island NY, Louisville, Buffalo, Jacksonville FL, Madison WI, Honolulu, Canada
Online: RadioIO, Taintradio, WGOE, Humboldt 101

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