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Mari is almost like sound therapy / Violinist.com

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At the emotional heart of the album is Bach's Chaconne in D minor, whose serenity Samuelsen has chosen to counter with the nervous agitation of "Knee Play 2" from Philip Glass's "Einstein on the Beach." The rest of the program grew organically from the seeds of Bach and Glass, tracing themes of change and renewal, from the increasingly complex variations of the Chaconne to the expansive melodic development of Clark's "Mammal Step Sequence." The album also contains Vladimir Martynov's "The Beatitudes," Peter Gregson's "Sequence (Four)," arrangements of Jóhann Jóhannsson's "Heptapod B" and Brian Eno's "song By this River," and Peteris Vasks' "Vientulais Engelis (Lonely Angel)". The mix also includes four works by Max Richter, with whom she collaborates on a regular basis, including "Vocal," for solo violin, and "November." "The need to go into a room and just listen to sound – almost like sound therapy – is bigger than ever," Mari said. "People are hungry for it, and I wanted to use my creativity to collaborate and experiment with some of the great people living today. Slowing down, and people leaving their busy lives behind, is only going to become more important, so there will be more room for this type of collaboration, and this type of music, in the years to come." 

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