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Mari Samuelsen


Deutsche Grammophon
Release Date: May 20, 2022

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1 Meredi - White Flowers Take Their Bath  
2 Tabakova - Nocturne (Arr_ for Violin and Piano)  
3 Peel - Signals  
4 Shaw - IV_ The Orangery - V_ The Beech Tree (Plan & Elevation)  
5 Masotto - Sol Levante  
6 Hermant - Lightwell  
7 Bingen - O vis eternitatis (Arr_ by Tormod Tvete Vik)  
8 Halo  
9 Auerbach - Prelude No_ 15_Adagio sognando (From 24 Preludes for Violin and Piano, Op_ 46)  
10 Guðnado´ttir - Bær (Arr_ by Max Knoth)  
11 Peel - Reverie (Arr_ for Solo Violin, Strings and Electronics)  
12 Rani - La Luce  
13 Jensen - Love Abounds In Everything  
14 Meredith - Midi (Arr_ for Solo Violin and Electronics  
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Mari Samuelsen’s latest Deutsche Grammophon album explores the phenomenon on which so much of life on earth depends. Lys – Norwegian for “Light” – presents music by thirteen female composers, from Hildegard of Bingen to Hildur Guðnadóttir, combining specially commissioned works with new arrangements of existing pieces. The fourteen tracks are woven together to create a meditation in sound on something so fundamental that it is often taken for granted. The Norwegian violinist’s eclectic programme moves through light’s infinitely subtle qualities to reveal a musical world of boundless shades of emotion and expression. Lys is set for release on 20 May 2022.

“We humans have so many impressions of light, what light feels like, in good and bad times,” Mari Samuelsen observes. “I hope that speaks through the music on this album. We instinctively sense the way light affects our feelings, and the influence on our being of dark light, of ‘negative’ light, of the light people talk about just before they die or the ugly light we see from a hospital bed, of shocking laser light and so many other kinds of artificial and natural light. Then you have extreme sunlight, burning down, leaving the land dry and parched. Maybe it’s to do with living in the North or simply with getting older, but these varieties of light touch me now more deeply than ever. All of this was turning over in my mind before I started thinking about who could write the pieces.”

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