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Margo Guryan: Bio

Margo Guryan began playing piano at the age of six, continued through high school and later graduated from Boston University's School of Fine and Applied Arts with a degree in composition. She started writing jazz-influenced pieces and had her first recorded song ("Moon Ride" by Chris Connor) while a junior in college. Guryan went on to have her songs recorded by Carmen McCrae, Anita O'Day, Julie London, Harry Belafonte, Spanky and Our Gang, Astrud Gilberto, [Mama] Cass Elliot, Bobbie Gentry, Glen Campbell, and Jackie DeShannon. Guryan also wrote lyrics to music for several jazz composers including Ornette Coleman, Gary McFarland and Ran Blake.

When she eventually resumed her classical music studies, Guryan also started teaching. The Chopsticks Variations are a reflection of her interest in the many dialects of music rampant in
American culture.

From classical studies, to jazz student, to songwriter, Guryan also recorded one pop album in 1968, Take A Picture on Bell Records. Though released to positive reviews, Guryan was reluctant to perform to promote the record and it faded into obscurity. Renewed interest in the record surfaced in Japan, which led to a regional reissue on CD in 2000 (Trattoria label) followed by pressings in Europe (Siesta) and the US (Franklin Castle). A CD of her '60s song demos 25 Demos was also released and a new generation of pop artists embraced her pop songs. Guryan later recorded "16 Words" (U.K.'s Pure Mint Recordings) that was music set to George Bush's infamous 2003 State of the
Union Iraq claim.

The Chopsticks Variations was released by Oglio Records on August 25, 2009. 

1 Variation 1 - Round  
2 Variation 2 - Andante  
3 Variation 3 - Allegretto  
4 Variation 4 - Rhymes  
5 Variation 5 - Andantino  
6 Variation 6 - Ragtime  
7 Variation 7 - Boogie Woogie  
8 Variation 8 - Inventionette  
9 Variation 9 - Adagio  
10 Variation 10 - Allegro  
11 Variation 11 - Barcarole  
12 Variation 12 - Walking  
13 Variation 13 - Melody  
14 Variation 14 - Finale  
Chopsticks Variations - Variation 1 Round
Margo Guryan California Shake Official Video
'I Don't Intend To Spend Christmas Without You' - Margo Guryan
Margo Guryan - 16 Words

The Chopsticks Variations has long been a favorite in print worldwide among teachers and students, who find it both unique and fun to play. Margo Guryan's unique version should be experienced by all listeners.

"I never thought that anyone could do anything with 'Chopsticks,' but Margo Guryan has done it remarkably in a charming set of variations on the famous tune: clever, witty, at times tender and elegant, at other times punning and ribald. Every variation has some delightfully surprising touch. A little American Mikrokosmos and much more fun!" - Gunther Schuller

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