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Invisible Baby

Hyena Records

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Marco Benevento - 'Invisible Baby' - Available Now!
Marco Benevento Trio 'Bus Ride' - Live @ the MoBoogie Loft
An interview with Marco Benevento | Weekender Sessions
1 Bus Ride  
2 Record Book  
3 Atari  
4 The Real Morning Party  
5 You Must Be A Lion  
6 If You Keep Asking Me  
7 Ruby  
8 Are You The Favorite Person Of Anybody?  
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Marco Benevento is riding a creative surge. Proof in point is the 30-year old keyboardist's debut studio album Invisible Baby, on HYENA Records. The collection proves Benevento a sonic innovator in peak form, defying boundaries and blasting through genres to carve out his own universe. Invisible Baby was recorded in a trio configuration with Benevento joined by bassist Reed Mathis (Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey) and drummers Matt Chamberlain (Tori Amos) and Andrew Barr (The Slip).

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Direct: Sirius: Jam_On, XM: XMU&Beyond Jazz , DMX: Groove Lounge
Markets include: New York, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Minneapolis, Detroit, Denver, Baltimore, Portland, Milwaukee, Austin, Orlando, Louisville, Boulder

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