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Manhattan Camerata

Tango Fado Project

Sorel Classics

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Tango Fado Project: Le Poisson Rouge, NYC
1 Fado Magala 'Mais Importante Que Amar'
2 Tango 'Abril en Portugal'
3 Minha Lisboa Querida (Fado on
4 1 = 3 = 7
5 Amor e Fogo
6 Viejo Buenos Aires
7 Fado Tango 'Cansaço'
8 Tanguito Cordobés
9 Non-Absolutist Universal Anthem
10 Suite Troileana: Bandoneón
11 Suite Troileana: Zita
12 Suite Troileana: Whisky
13 Suite Troileana: Escolaso
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Sorel Classics Releases Manhattan Camerata – Tango Fado. Although Argentina's Tango and Portugal's Fado musical styles, originate in two distant countries, they are closely related in harmony, melody and lyrical themes, while differing in rhythm and instrumentation. Composers represented on the disk include J. Fernando Portela, Carlos Gardel, Raul Portela, Lucia Caruso, Raul Ferrao and Astor Piazzolla, with arrangements by Daniel Binelli and Pedro H. da Silva. Performers on this CD are Manhattan Camerata's music director and Portuguese guitar virtuoso Pedro H. da Silva and artistic director/pianist Lucia Caruso, with guest artists, bandoneon legend Daniel Binelli, Tango/classical pianist Polly Ferman and Fado singer Nathalie Pires.

16 NEW  56 TOTAL
PRI/C24, Sing Out!!, CBC
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Detroit, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Baltimore, New Orleans, Albuquerque, Ft. Wayne, Rochester, Honolulu, Montreal
Online: SoulandJazz, Taintradio, bestofbrazil

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