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Maja Laura


Release Date: May 26, 2022

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Lavender Brown
Feldman’s Voicing Resonance
live, Teatr im. Juliusza Slowackiego w Krakowie (2021)
1 Lavender Brown  
2 Bardo  
3 Feldman's Voicing Resonance  
4 Nefertiti  
5 Wiatr  
6 Left  
7 You and Whose Army  
8 City Roars  
9 Shelter  
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The "Bardo" concerts are an audiovisual entity, each time taking a different form. The sound is accompanied by improvised microscopic visualizations by artist Marek Hajduk .  
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 "This album is an archive of experiences such as death, disease, and loss. It's a description of my real emotions that I would actually like to forget. But it's also hope, looking for the sun behind the horizon, although I don't really know if it's there. This album is my symbolic release from darkness. It is also reflected in the title ("Bardo" - from Sanskrit "intermediate state", usually a state between life and the next incarnation). I chose this word for the title of my first album at the age of 12. Shortly afterwards I also knew what the cover would be. It features my parents, a photo from 1994 that was very important to my mother. It also illustrates the transition, because of the arrangement that black and white make. It was difficult for me to tease out what is in this music. It brings me sadness rather than joy, but it was a necessary part of my transformation. One thing I am proud of, however, is that I have managed to remain completely independent, and to be able to afford it I decided to start my own label, Maja Laura Records. The forms and means contained in Bardo are very diverse, ranging from simple cameral arrangements (piano, strings) to synthesizer ride. In creating all of this, I didn't think about it being music that fit within a genre, I just focused on the emotions. It's only 37 minutes long, but more would be too heavy for me. The album was produced by me and Maciej Cieslak from Scianka, in which I also played in recent years. And since we understand each other very well, I knew he was the only person I could approach this with. And here it is at last, "Bardo." Although I know that this death will stay with me forever, it is precious to me that sharing this music allows for some kind of meeting. There have already been several such encounters and for that I am grateful. I invite you to listen to it." - Maja Laura

Maja Laura (Jaryczewska) - piano, synthesizers, voice 
Maciej Cieslak (Scianka) - drums, electronics 
Marek Hajduk (Astigmatism) - microscope visualizations 

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