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Madeleine Peyroux

Lets Walk

Release Date: April 12, 2024

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Please Come On Inside
Let's Walk
'I don't think in terms of record sales' / BBC interview
1 Find True Love  
2 How I Wish  
3 Let's Walk  
4 Please Come On Inside  
5 Blues for Heaven  
6 Et Puis  
7 Me and the Mosquito  
8 Nothing Personal  
9 Showman Dan  
10 Take Care  
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Acclaimed jazz singer, songwriter and interpreter Madeleine Peyroux will release Let’s Walk, her first album in six years, on June 28th. The new songs present sides of the artist only touched on in the past. The collection is her most diverse, intimate and bold work as she shares thoughtful and revealing views on personal and societal concerns. Peyroux offers hope through understanding and community by using one of our most unifying means, music.

Let’s Walk is Peyroux’s ninth album and the first in which she co-wrote every song with longtime collaborator Jon Herington. As evidenced from her new single “Please Come On Inside”, Peyroux has empathy and wisdom to impart. While many of us have lost a connection or a relationship with someone close due to these polarizing and divisive times, Peyroux offers a way back through compassion and kindness. 

Stylistically, Let’s Walk may be Peyroux’s most varied yet cohesive collection thus far. She incorporates elements of jazz, folk, gospel blues, Americana, chamber pop, Latin rhythms and a little playful humor into the mix. The songs are interwoven around contemplative, observational and confessional narratives, making it the deepest and most substantive album of her illustrious catalog.

Non-Comm & Americana Airplay courtesy of Thirty Tigres

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