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Luna Pearl Woolf

Fire and Flood

Oxingale - PENTATONE

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Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows (arr. Luna Pearl Woolf)
Melange a trois - Luna Pearl Woolf - Trailer
1 To The Fire  
2 Apres moi, le deluge / I. Noah. The Lord Has Raised a Mighty Wind  
3 II. Deep in the Water, Too Deep for Tears  
4 III. Gone Away and Left Us, Lord  
5 IV. Lord, I'm Goin' Down in Louisiana  
6 Cohen, L: Everybody Knows  
7 Missa in Fines Orbis Terrae / I. Kyrie  
8 II. Sanctus and Benedictus  
9 III. Agnus Dei  
10 One to One to One / I.  
11 II.  
12 III.  
13 IV.  
14 V  
15 VI.  
16 Cohen, L: Who by Fire  
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From a deeply stirring Mass to hauntingly re-imagined Leonard Cohen masterpieces, LUNA PEARL WOOLF: Fire and Flood encompasses 25 years of vocal and choral works by the innovative American- Canadian composer. The composer-portrait album features new and compelling performances from The Choir of Trinity Wall Street and NOVUS NY conducted by Julian Wachner, cellist Matt Haimovitz, soprano Devon Guthrie, mezzo-soprano Elise Quagliata, and Broadway actress Nancy Anderson.

In her penetrating album notes, The New York Times contributing writer Corinna Da Fonseca- Wollheim comments, "Luna Pearl Woolf trains a zoom lens on the collective experience, sometimes plunging us right into the midst of destruction and anarchy only to pull back, in one swoop, to a clear-eyed plane of compassion." These arresting works include her frequently-performed cello- choir concerto, Après moi, le deluge, which emerges from the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; and the dramatic, low-voiced To the Fire, with its prophetic, Old Testament text. In One to One to One, "three female singers reflect and refract the male gaze in an uproar of vocal virtuosity" (Da Fonseca-Wollheim); while Missa in Fines Orbis Terrae journeys to the ends of the earth in search of revelation, mercy, peace.

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