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Ludwig Goransson wins his first Emmy award / Finance Rewind

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Ludwig Göransson is a famous Swedish composer, record producer, and conductor. He worked in many great films but never won an Emmy. Other than that he won Grammy's award for best soundtrack for visual media in Black Panther.

On September 19th Saturday, Ludwig was announced as the best music composer for a series, where he scored his first Emmy.

Göransson tweeted thank you to the academy for this honor and all the fame Mandalorian received this Emmy season. He even thanked Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau for giving him such a great opportunity to cross genres and boundaries with the score.

Ludwig is no longer a secret that how talented and amazing person he is. He will be going to touch high places if goes with this speed and ability, Mondo's Mo Shafeek said in an interview. But he didn't tell about the chameleon-like ability to play with multiple genres.

"His music for films like Creed and Black Panther showcase not only his collaborative nature but also his relationship to pop and hip hop, as well as blending untraditional instrumentation with traditional orchestras."

Shafeek added: "His score for The Mandalorian is similarly masterful in its ability to be wildly experimental while never feeling out of place – like a synth spaghetti western score that feels inspired in equal parts to Ennio Morricone, John Williams, and Hans Zimmer, while also never feeling like a pastiche. We are honoured to be the home for this complete score."