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Lucia Caruso, Pedro H. da Silva

Transclassical Concertos w/ASMF - Bruce O'Neil

Bright Shiny Things/Imaginary Animals
Release Date: August 25, 2023

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Light and Wind Piano Concerto: II - by Lucía Caruso
Portuguese guitar concerto excerpts - Pedro H. da Silva
Here Comes the Sun - Pedro H. da Silva
1 Lucia Caruso: Light and Wind Piano Concerto: I. Wind Storm, then Dusk  
2 II. Gentle Nightly Breeze; Sunrise  
3 III. Soft Rain, Sunshine, and Tempest  
4 Pedro Henriques da Silva: Concerto for Portuguese guitar- I. Dusk  
5 II. Night  
6 III. Dawn  
7 Lucia Caruso & Pedro H. da Silva: "Folia" for Portuguese guitar, piano and orchestra  
8 George Harrison. "Here Comes the Sun" arr. by Pedro H. da Silva  
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“Transclassical Concertos” features two concertos written in a Transclassical™ style, which combines classical music, improvisation, and elements from various cultures and eras. Lucia Caruso’s “Light and Wind” Piano Concerto draws inspiration from the nature photographs of iconic Korean photographer Ahae, where she reproduces sounds of nature using a wide palette of orchestral colors and piano techniques, such as guitar-style playing on the piano strings and the use of a drumstick and blackboard erasers to represent lightning and rain.

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