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Lucas & Arthur Jussen

Dutch Masters

Deutsche Grammophon
Release Date: May 6, 2022

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1 I. Allegro aperto, ma pesante 03:04  
2 II. Grave 04:14  
3 III. Moderato assai 04:03  
4 I - II – III 02:19  
5 IV - V – VI 01:49  
6 VII - VIII – IX 01:52  
7 X - XI – XII 02:41  
8 I. Allegro ma non troppo 03:54  
9 II. Lento 05:14  
10 III. Allegro con fuoco 04:51  
11 I 02:13  
12 II 04:42  
13 III 04:32  
14 I 01:27  
15 II 01:26  
16 III 03:08  
17 Ouverture 02:54  
18 Witch Dance 02:30  
19 Contrasts 01:32  
20 Humoreske 02:41  
21 Neon Toccata 08:11  
22 What If 14:58  
23 Dark Ride 08:22  
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Pianists Lucas and Arthur Jussen have announced their upcoming new studio album Dutch Masters. The album, which will be released today on Deutsche Grammophon, is dedicated to Dutch composers. 'Everyone knows Bach, Mozart or Beethoven, but we also have plenty of lesser-known composers from our home country who have created a lot of beautiful compositions', they say. The album is therefore an ode to the Dutch composers, but also to pianist and teacher Ton Hartsuiker, who introduced them to Dutch modern music when they were still children.

Lucas and Arthur Jussen selected compositions for two pianos and piano four hands from the 20th and 21st century from the Dutch composers Louis Andriessen, Leo Smit, Willem Pijper, Jan Wisse and Hans Henkemans. The album also contains two works composed especially for the two brothers. Theo Loevendie wrote Together and Joey Roukens the Piano Concerto In Unison. According to the Jussens, 'both masterpieces'. Both are world premiere recordings, as well as the compositions of Jan Wisse and Hans Henkemans.

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