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Luca D'Alberto

In our hearts

Decca Records
Release Date: February 23, 2024

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1 Adore  
2 Beautiful as a memory  
3 Before you go  
4 Flowers _ Thorns  
5 We fall in  
6 Fireworks  
7 Malinconica (06051917)  
8 Anima  
9 Till the end  
10 A desire lives in every fear  
11 Every word is just noise  
12 Tomorrow  
13 Silence (with Soko)  
14 A new dress  
15 The world is disappearing  
16 Ready for life  
17 And if you lose...does it really matter  
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After the success of his first two albums, both received with critical acclaim, and his productive collaborations with Peter Greenaway, Peter Lindbergh and many others, Italian composer/multi-instrumentalist Luca D’Alberto is to release his third album entitled “In our hearts.” A symphony in three acts that pursues his research into the perfect balance between neoclassical and electronic music forms. 

It would be simplistic to qualify Luca D’Alberto as a composer alone. There are many facets to his personality, and they reveal his skills as an arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He studied at the Conservatory of Music in Teramo, where Luca d’Alberto mastered the violin and the viola, the piano and the six-stringed violectra. At the age of seventeen he obtained his viola and violin diplomas, also receiving a ministerial distinction, and then continued his studies at some of the most prestigious institutions in classical music, among them the Accademia Stauffer in Cremona. And then he decided to forsake a career in classical music, taking another direction that interested him: composition. Luca wished to offer “music that represented him,” having had his first experiences in composing at the age of ten, when the young Italian had fun recording his own musical ideas using microphones that were hardly of the best quality.

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