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Luc Beausejour

Moments Baroques Au Piano


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J. S. Bach : Aria from Goldberg Variations
1 Domenico Scarlatti: Sonata in D Minor, K. 1  
2 Domenico Scarlatti: Sonata in C Major, K. 159  
3 Bach: Concerto in D Minor, BWV 974 - Andante  
4 Bach: Concerto in D Minor, BWV 974 - Adagio  
5 Bach: Concerto in D Minor, BWV 974 - Presto  
6 Henry Purcell: Ground in C Minor, ZD 221  
7 Rameau: Les Indes gallants - Air pour les Esclaves affricains  
8 Rameau: Les Indes gallants - Rigaudon 1-Rigaudon 2, en rondeau  
9 Rameau: Les Indes gallants - Les Sauvages  
10 Georg Bohm: Prelude, Fugue and Postlude in G Minor  
11 Girolamo Frescobaldi: Corrente prima  
12 Girolamo Frescobaldi: Corrente seconda  
13 Girolamo Frescobaldi: Corrente terza  
14 Girolamo Frescobaldi: Corrente quarta  
15 Bach: Toccata in E Minor, BWV 914  
16 Couperin: Pavane in F-sharp Minor  
17 Handel: Suite in D Minor, HWV 437 - Allmand  
18 Handel: Suite in D Minor, HWV 437 - Corrent  
19 Handel: Suite in D Minor, HWV 437 - Saraband  
20 Handel: Suite in D Minor, HWV 437 - Jigg  
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The repertoire on this recording was written for harpsichord during the Baroque period, generally considered to span the years 1600 to 1750. While many pianists have played Bach, Scarlatti, Handel, Rameau, and even Couperin and Froberger, few harpsichordists have come to the defence of the harpsichord repertoire on the modern piano. The idea was born during a meeting with Analekta president, François Mario Labbé. I was submitting some recording proposals for harpsichord and clavichord, and he asked me, "Why not make a CD of piano music?" Somewhat taken aback, I asked for a few days to think about it. Not long after, I suggested a program that would not only include harpsichord repertoire already covered by pianists–Bach, Scarlatti, and Handel– but would also feature some lesser-known works.

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