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Louis Rosen

Time Was

Di-Tone records

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Time Was - Louis Rosen
Cabin in the Wood - Louis Rosen
1 John Evereldown
2 Time Was
3 The Song of Wandering Aengus
4 The Man Hunt
5 The Host of the Air
6 Silence
7 Cabin in the Wood
8 Richard Cory
9 The Sea-Side Cave
10 The Song
11 The Watchers
12 In the Valley of the Shadow
13 We'll Go No More a-Roving
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TIME WAS: Louis Rosen's debut as solo artist takes the listener on a journey across the landscape of American roots music with thirteen songs that explore the essential stuff of our lives. Lyrics adapted from poems by Edwin Arlington Robinson, William Butler Yeats, Sara Teasdale and Langston Hughes.

 "Highbrow-Brilliant."  New York Magazine
"Music that stirs the soul."  Huffington Post
"Mr. Rosen's music is a continually shifting patchwork of blues, folk and jazz as earthy, tuneful art song."  New York Times

 "Elegant tunesmith Louis Rosen's latest album, 'Time Was' is gorgeous, and magnificently produced. The sense of urgency is palpable. The title track is now my current favorite song of all time. A hypnotic adaptation of E.A. Robinson's prescient poem about 'fond, inponderable dreams of wealth."   Bloomberg News

7 New 'ON'  36 Total
SYND: The Midnight Special
Markets include: Philadelphia, San Francisco(adi), Houston, Austin, Albuquerque, Santa Cruz, Bozeman MT
Online: Taintradio, Folk Image, CD Insight, WGOE

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