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Lorne Balfe

The Wheel of Time-The First Turn(AMAZON ORIGINAL)

Milan Records - Sony Masterworks

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1 Mashithamel (Young Love)  
2 Moiraine Sedai  
3 Ta'maral'ailen (Web of Destiny)  
4 Aes Sedai (Servants of All)  
5 Ost Ninto Shostya (On Your Knees)  
6 Mashiara (Lost Love)  
7 Al'Naito (The Flame)  
8 Al'Cair Sei (Goldeneyes)  
9 Caisen'shar (Old Blood)  
10 Aman Syndai (Dragon Reborn)  
11 Noriv al Zaffid (Two Halves of One Whole)  
12 Al'Dival (For the Light)  
13 Wab'shar (Bonded)  
14 Mordero'Sheen (Bringers of Death)  
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Milan Records today releases THE WHEEL OF TIME: THE FIRST TURN, an album of principal themes composed by LORNE BALFE for the upcoming Amazon Original Series. Available everywhere now, The Wheel of Time: The First Turn (Amazon Original Series Soundtrack) is a largely conceptual album that includes key themes written by Balfe for the characters, settings and ideas central to The Wheel of Time universe. The 14-track collection provides a foundation for the fantasy series' rich soundscape, with much of Balfe's final score cues developing as variations of these initial themes. The Wheel of Time: The First Turn album will be followed by three additional soundtrack albums to be released as separate volumes alongside the show's first season.

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