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Lola Marsh: Bio

Yael Shoshana Cohen belongs to a category of singers that instantly captures the audience's attention; Together with producer Gil Landau they created Lola Marsh. 

Many discovered their intoxicating sound on the duo's debut EP "You're Mine" released in 2016, which established the Tel-Avivian duo as one of last year's major pop folk sensations.

And the numbers kept climbing. Both singles "Sirens" and "You're Mine", have totaled 10 million spins on Spotify, principally in the US. Following such a successful test drive, we could only be impatient and expect the best to come. Especially as the band's European festival tour brought them as much praise by the media as it did in celebration by the audiences. 

And Lola Marsh's new album, fronted by the new single "Wishing Girl" - an unstoppable song carried by memorable whistling and an addictive melody - has indeed exceeded expectations. Mastered and inspired, matured and smooth, Yael Shoshana Cohen and Gil Landau have managed to free themselves from overwhelming influences - be it Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens, Edith Piaf - and compose the perfect soundtrack of the season. Written together, "Remember Roses" - a trip down memory lane, recalling Yael's parents' house where stood a rose garden - shines with suave romanticism and sweet nostalgia. Friendship, love and fears from childhood are recurrent themes that flow throughout the thirteen songs.

The record's coherence owes a lot to Gil Landau's extraordinary production and to the Duo's special connection, as they used to be a couple on and off stage. As they are often quoted as saying: "Working together has always been a source of inspiration". Melodies, choruses and additional arrangements on "Remember Roses" seem to run so effortlessly from this harmony. If the tracks "You're Mine" and "Sirens" need no more introductions, they sit alongside new songs on the album that show how far Lola Marsh has evolved in the space of a few years.

With a crazy range and exceptional depth, their song writing is akin to that of writers with cinematic visions, as if we were inside an intriguing movie set in an imaginary world, guided along the way by the nimble voice of Yael Shoshana Cohen ("Remember Roses", "Blue Bird"). From a dreamy atmosphere drummed up by potential hits ("Morning Bells", touched with undeniable melodic grace), the album rocks between nocturnal ballads ("The Wind") and a great rollercoaster ride ("She's a Rainbow", their favorite track, inspired by "Nights In White Satin" by Moody Blues). "Remember Roses"'s diverse colors are a good fit for us", claim Gil and Yael, speaking as one. All the way from Tel Aviv, Lola Marsh's orchestral folk pop seems like it's made to shine, forever and ever. 

1 You're Mine
2 Remember Roses
3 Wishing Girl
4 She's A Rainbow
5 Bluebird
6 The Wind
7 Sirens
8 Stranger
9 Sirens (interlude)
10 Morning Bells
11 Hometown
12 In Good Times
13 Le Sud
Lola Marsh - You're Mine
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