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Little Axe

Stone Cold Ohio

Real World - UMG

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Little Axe - Trouble In Mind
Skip Mcdonald / Little Axe interview 1/2
Skip Mcdonald / Little Axe interview 2/2


1 If I Had My Way  
2 Jive Talk  
3 Same People  
4 Rockin' Shoes  
5 Pray  
6 Prisoner  
7 Victims  
8 Let Me Ride  
9 Trouble In Mind  
10 Blueneck Dub  
11 Hard Times  
12 Almighty  
13 No Bottom  
14 She  
15 No More Mourning  
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Who is Skip McDonald? Skip McDonald is, among other things, Little Axe. What is Little Axe? Little Axe is what you get when you take the blues and subject it to the 21st century. It's not complicated. The blues is a feeling, and feelings don't change as much as we'd like to think. Little Axe Stone Cold Ohio is the blues, the deep blues channelled through time, dubbed, tweaked, sampled, processed, explored, refreshed, and surfing the present, from the past, into the future.

8 New "ON" this week: 72 "Total Stations/Shows"
Direct: XM:Bluesville, Beale Street Caravan
Markets include: New York(ADI), Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Detroit(ADI), Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Baltimore(ADI), Milwaukee, Cincinatti(ADI), Austin, Portland, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Berkeley CA, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Columbus OH, Madison WI, Chattanooga TN

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