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Lincoln & Sheri Bauer-Mayorga

American Snapshots

TownHall Records

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'The Banjo' by Louis Moreau Gottschalk
I Love A Piano by Irving Berlin


1 Hard Times  
2 The Banjo  
3 Robin Adair  
4 Barbara Ellen  
5 Some Folks  
6 Black Is The Color of My True Love's Hair  
7 Davenport Blues  
8 Lazy Bones  
9 I Love A Piano  
10 Skylark  
11 Dish Rag  
12 Oedipus Rex  
13 Twisted  
14 Louisiana: 1927  
15 Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt  
16 Camarillo  
17 The Harp of Ur  
18 Love Me I'm A Liberal  
19 Deja Vu  
20 This World  
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After reading Studs Terkel's "And They All Sang", interviews with American singers from many walks of life, Sheri and Lincoln Mayorga were inspired to collaborate on a recording and concert project that would be a "People's History" of American music. The challenge of the times, and the songs that would give voice to the vast panorama of American experience. Sheri and Lincoln currently perform both a children's program and adult's program of "American Snapshots," and their adventurous audiences give them high ratings for virtuosic, versatile piano playing true full vocals, and a performance that is "worth traveling an ocean to hear."

5 New "ON" this week: 33 "Total Stations/Shows"
Markets include:
Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis, Salt Lake, San Antonio, Buffalo, Albany & Ithaca NY, Bowling Green KY

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