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'Drive All Night' by Lily Frost is THE BIG TAKE-OVER: Video Premiere

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The Big Takeover writes…..With nine original solo albums and three EPs to her credit, Toronto-based singer/songwriter Lily Frost is a beloved figure within the Canadian music scene. Over the course of those records, she has explored genres including indie folk, pop, swing, western—all with a touch of sass that landed song on TV shows such as Gray’s Anatomy, and in the 2001 film Crazy/Beautiful. But, like many of us, the fallout from the pandemic left Lily seriously questioning her future as a creative entity. Was there any point in carrying on if there were no opportunities to play shows? Was this the time to throw in the towel and move in a different direction?

As Lily searched for answers, loyal fans, promoters and her neighbour, producer Aaron Goldstein (Daniel Romano, Le Ren, Lee Harvey Osmond) convinced her she was a “lifer” and that there was so much music she still needed to share. Aarons’s drive convinced Lily to gather all the best songs from her overflowing arsenal and they set to work presenting Lily in her most real and raw musical setting to date. The results are contained on Decompression, a Lily Frost album unlike anything else in her catalogue, featuring the new single, “Drive All Night,” available now on all digital platforms and from

“I am at the point where I want to share the songs I keep to myself, the ones that literally help me through life,” she says. “I’m not trying to be cool or get on the radio. I just want to share these real expressions that reveal the deeper truths. They are raw and vulnerable songs I normally play when no one’s looking, the songs I use to decompress. I hope they may speak to others on that deep-hearted level and maybe help them through as well.”

Singer/songwriter Lily Frost draws on influences of '60s pop, fashion, and art to create her engaging brand of not-easily pigeonholed music. Painfully shy, the introverted Frost spent years expressing herself in her diary entries, gradually setting them to music and putting years of classical piano training to use. By 1989, she was studying jazz and French at Concordia University in Montreal and was performing '20s covers in a local group called the Sheiks. To escape from the Montreal winters, Frost took a job singing on a ship in Cairo, Egypt, performing standards and torch songs seven nights a week, for six months, before returning to Vancouver in 1992 to front the Colorifics, who embraced '50s-style swing and attracted a following along the West Coast. The group scored at college radio when they released one of Frost's compositions, "Soda Pop," but Frost, wanting to pursue more contemporary sounds, released the solo effort Lunamarium, which was re-packaged and re-released when she signed with Nettwerk. Promoting the record, which was well-received by critics, Frost had the opportunity to share the stage with acts that included Coldplay, Cowboy Junkies, and the Dandy Warhols. She also continued to work concurrently with the band Mimosa.

Big Takeover is stoked to premiere the new video “Drive All Night” –