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Libera is made up of boys aged between seven and fourteen who come from different backgrounds and schools all over the city of London and they meet up several times a week to rehearse at a church in the south of the city. The boys sound is a unique and original mixture of traditional choral, spiritual and new age music and over the last two years this distinctive sound has travelled the world. Their previous albums have topped both the mainstream and classical charts in many countries, including the USA, where they entered the top ten of the Billboard Classical chart and the UK, where they spent several weeks in the top three alongside Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti.

The distinctive sound of Libera has travelled the world in the last few years. The group's albums have topped both mainstream and classical charts in many countries, and their recordings hold their place in top-tens alongside the likes of Bocelli and Pavarotti.

The boys who make up the vocal band Libera have been described as "normal" and "ordinary". However, as their recordings and performances demonstrate, the music they produce is truly extraordinary. With shimmering, mystical chords and ecstatic harmonies, they are unlike any other group you have ever heard. At times plaintive, at others climactic and transcendent. These are truly sounds to lift the soul. Celestial
sounds for a new time.

In addition to their work together, the singers of Libera have been involved in numerous different projects. This includes having worked on pop music productions with artists as wide-ranging as Bjork, Neil Diamond, Alison Moyet and Elton John, as well as appearing in popular UK television shows, such as the daytime TV show Des and Mel, the children s programme Blue Peter, Top of the Pops and the drama series Poirot. They have also sung on various Hollywood film scores and most recently have worked on the hugely successful version of Romeo and Juliet, starring Leonardo di Caprio and Claire Danes, released in 1997, Twelve Monkeys, which starred Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis, Shadowlands and Hannibal, both of which starred Anthony Hopkins.

The music on Free is all directed, written and arranged by Robert Prizeman, who has lead the group for the last ten years and was with them for the release of their first CD in 1999. Libera is a boy band in the true sense of the word but unlike any that people have heard before. They are virtually impossible to pigeon-hole as their sound covers a variety of styles. It is here their strength lies and I very much hope that this will enable their music to cross borders and cultures around the globe.

Theo Lap, Vice President of International Marketing at EMI Classics said The London-based Boys group Libera create a magical sound with their special mixture of music that comes very much alive in their new album "Free". I'm personally very excited about our new venture and I'm convinced that Libera has truly universal appeal. The groups second album is called Visions.

Millions recognise their music, without ever knowing their name. You may have heard them singing the haunting soundtrack to Merchant Of Venice; accompanying the gruesome Hannibal; serenading Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet; abetting Gary Lineker's crisp-stealing television adverts in the UK; backing Pavarotti, Elton John, or Bjork; supporting Hayley Westenra and Aled Jones; or bringing the long-running UK TV series This Is Your Life to a close.

The singers of Libera who are aged seven to sixteen attend many different local schools in South London and come from a variety of backgrounds. Although they are boys and they sing, they do not think of themselves as choirboys, but rather as an alternative
kind of boy band.

1 Caccini: Ave Maria  
2 In paradisum  
3 Salve Regina  
4 Sanctus  
5 Prizeman: Ave Maria  
6 Lacrymosa  
7 Voca me  
8 The prayer  
9 Do not stand at my grave and weep  
10 Benedictus Deus  
11 Tavener: Mother of God  
Libera Beyond - An introduction to the album
Libera - In Paradisum
Libera - Lacrymosa
Libera - Thank You for Subscribing
Libera 6th June 2020

The boys who make up the choral group Libera are normal South London kids aged 7 to 16 years. The music they produce is truly extraordinary. The group release their new album 'Beyond' on 12 October 2018 on CD plus digital formats through Invisible Hands Music. Libera make beautiful, progressive albums in the classical and the ambient/new age style, and 'Beyond', their eagerly-anticipated new album, is a transformative and spiritual musical experience. 'Beyond' comes hot on the heels of their globally successful 2017 'Hope' album. On 17 October 2018, Libera will unveil 'Beyond' with a concert at London's Westminster Cathedral, which is followed by live dates in Japan and then concerts in the UK and Russia.