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Lea DeLaria: Bio

Lea DeLaria has distinguished herself in every form of entertainment that she touches. Jazz Musician, Broadway Diva, Actor Writer and Stand-Up Comic, and it is plain to see why Ben Brantley of the
New York Times describes Lea as,
"Every inch a star."

An extremely prominent figure in the world of lesbian stand-up comedy, she is noted for her raunchy persona and inflammatory, irreverent political commentary, which have proven controversial inside and outside the gay and lesbian community. Some of her comedy releases include Bulldyke in a China Shop and Box Lunch. She has also written a humorous book entitled Lea's Book of Rules for the World.

She has also appeared in a number of films, including Edge of Seventeen, and in musicals, including The Rocky Horror Show and On the Town.

Much like fellow comedienne Sandra Bernhard, DeLaria has always integrated musical performance into her stand-up comedy. However, unlike Bernhard, DeLaria focuses on traditional and modern be-bop jazz. She has even said at her shows "It is my personal goal to bring be-bop jazz back into the gay and lesbian community." In 2002 she followed up on the goal, releasing a CD of jazz standards called
"Play It Cool."

"I'm at West Virginia University to do a show, right, and they've done all this f*cking publicity about it... so when I get to my show, who's waiting for me but five hundred Christian protestors with great big signs. 'Lea DeLaria is going to hell.' Not generic 'gay is not good': 'Lea DeLaria is going to hell.' Which is what I need five hundred strangers to tell me, like twelve years of Catholic f*ckin' school wasn't
enough, right?!"
-Lea DeLaria, from Box Lunch

1 Down With Love  
2 Do Right  
3 Miss Otis Regrets  
4 Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea  
5 Come Rain Or Come Shine  
6 Love Me Or Leave Me  
7 Love For Sale  
8 Night And Day  
9 Puff Intro  
10 Puff  
11 You Don't Know What Love Is  
12 Jumpin' With Symphony  
Lea DeLaria - Night and Day - 8/11/2002 - Newport Jazz Festival (Official)
Performance: Lea DeLaria at TEDxBroadway
Between The Devil And the Deep Blue Sea

Ghostlight Records, is partnering with Warner Jazz for the worldwide release of the new CD from acclaimed singer, actress, comedian and author Lea DeLariaThe Live Smoke Sessions recorded in concert at the popular uptown Manhattan jazz club last fall will be released online and in stores on September 9. The disc features special guest performers Gil Goldstein on piano, Seamus Blake on saxophone and BBC "Jazz Singer of the Year" Ian Shaw on vocals.

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