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Lawrence Blatt

Out Of The Woodwork

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Out Of The Woodwork
Step Down Then Up
The Place Where Monarchs Go Lawrence Blatt
Dance of the Jellyfish: Lawrence Blatt
Two Steps Down the Line Lawrence Blatt


Lawrence Blatt - Bio
1 It s Not Baroque  
2 Jason's Party  
3 Say Hello to Yesterday  
4 Where Have You Gone?  
5 Step Down Then Up Again  
6 Out of the Woodwork  
7 Walking Alone  
8 Here We Go  
9 Standing in the Rain  
10 Z-Squared  
11 Under the Sun  
12 The Road to Poipu  
13 Keiki Lullaby  
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Guitarist and Composer Lawrence Blatt has been performing his finger-style-guitar compositions for over 30 years. His new release: Out Of the Woodwork is the culmination of that history in layers and organic part writing. With thirteen soothing guitar melodies, many of which are played in open tunings, the collection can be called 'acoustic solitude.' After spending years studying classical music as a violinist, Blatt's melodic yet intricate interaction of moods that lay beneath his alternate tunings are balanced by careful dynamics and intonation.

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