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Lara Downes

Exiles Cafe

Steinway Records

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LARA DOWNES, piano. EXILES' CAFE trailer
Lara Downes in the Exiles' Cafe - Steinway Hall, NYC
Music To Be Thankful For: Lara Downes
1 Bartok: 3 Hungarian Folksongs/Csik, #1.Rubato
2 Bartok: 3 Hungarian Folksongs/Csik, #2. L'istesso
3 Bartok: 3 Hungarian Folksongs/Csik, #3. Poco vivo
4 Chopin: Mazurka #1 in F sharp minor, Op. 6, #1
5 Prokofiev: 3 Pieces, Op. 59: #3.Sonatina pastorale
6 Martinu: Dumka #2, H. 250
7 Martinu: Dumka, H. 285bis
8 Stravinsky: Tango
9 Rachmaninov: Prelude in D minor
10 Weill, Arr. Distler: Lost in the Stars, Act I
11 Korngold: Piano Sonata #2 E Maj, Op. 2: I.Moderato
12 Still: Africa: II.Land of Romance (arr. for piano)
13 Bowles: 6 Preludes: #1
14 Bowles: 6 Preludes: #2
15 Bowles: 6 Preludes: #3
16 Bowles: 6 Preludes: #6
17 Sahl: Tango from Exiles' Cafe
18 Milhaud: 3 Rag Caprices, Op. 78: #2. Romance
19 Rachmaninov: Fragments
20 Chopin: Mazurka #49 in F minor, Op. 68, #4
21 Fairouz: Piano Miniature #6, "Addio"
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Pianist Lara Downes is known for her fusing of rare pianistic sensitivity and evocative, thought-provoking concepts. Her latest album, Exiles' Café-released on the Steinway & Sons label [30016] -- is the result of a moment of inspiration after hearing a lovely little piece entitled Tango from the Exiles' Café. Downes fantasized about this café and created a narrative around it, which she describes as "both real and metaphorical." This album captures the pain, nostalgia, and freedom that are indelibly tied to this state of being-in exile. Featuring miniature works by composers such as Chopin, Milhaud, Bartok, Weill, and including a premiere work by Mohammed Fairouz, Exiles' Café goes beyond an examination of what is to be in exile, to consider the inspiration exiled composers drew from the musical communities they found in their new homes. Because in this sense, the exiles cafes were actual places – there were indeed such locations throughout history to which composers and musicians gravitated and found each other, and they and their music were influenced accordingly.

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