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Track Listing:

Franz Liszt: Liebestraum No. 1 'Hohe Liebe'
Frederic Chopin: Etude In E Major Op. 10 No.3
J. S. Bach: 'Air' On the G String from Orch.St. #3
Gustav Holst: The Planets Op. 32 'Jupiter'
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker, No. 1 V2
Frederic Chopin: Polonaise Op. 40 No. 1 'Military'
Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 17 in Dm
Scott Joplin: The Entertainer
Frederic Chopin: Waltz in D Flat Major Op. 64 #1
Sergei Prokofiev: Piano Sonata No. 7 in Bb Maj
J. S. Bach: 'Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring'

Lang Lang :

Sony PlayStation's Gran Turismo


Internationally renowned pianist Lang Lang records the soundtrack for Sony Playstation's blockbuster video game Gran Turismo 5 which is in stores now.  Sony Classical releases the soundtrack digitally via all major service providers on December 14th and physically the week of December 20th.

The soundtrack features famous piano works by Chopin, J.S. Bach, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Joplin, Holst and Beethoven throughout various parts of the game. Prokofiev's Precipitato appears prominently in its entirety in the first half of the opening sequence of Gran Turismo 5. 
To see the performance, click here: http://us.gran-turismo.com/us/news/d5484.html

Lang Lang says: "Gran Turismo is the most exciting racing game in the world and I have been a fan of it for many years. I feel honored to have this opportunity to connect with people who have never been in a concert hall before and show them that classical music is not just a part of history, but is actually very present and relevant today."

Lang Lang, Brand Ambassador for Sony Corporation, is known for his affinity for new technologies and his constant endeavors to bring classical music to the largest possible audience. His involvement in the official soundtrack for Gran Turismo® 5 marks a new chapter in the artist's synergetic approach to combine classical music with new technology.

In celebration of the holidays, Lang Lang also recorded a song called "A Sony Christmas Carol" which serves as the music bed for the UK Sony Christmas TV commercial for the ‘VAT-back' campaign. The commercial features actor Sir Derek Jacobi as Ebenezer Scrooge in a modern day portrayal of the Christmas classic "A Christmas Carol" and includes an epic 2-minute "mini-movie" version. The score includes a virtuosic piano part written especially for Lang Lang by leading young film composer Ilan Eshkeri, whose credits include Stardust, Kick-Ass and The Young Victoria. It was supported by a 35 piece orchestra and recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios.

About the score Lang Lang says "Recording the music for this advertisement was hugely enjoyable, Ilan's score perfectly complements each part of the storyline, and the uplifting ending is a great moment. So much is communicated in the two minutes that you almost feel as though you have watched an entire movie!"

To view the commercial please click here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLJdBv6d3PM.

Also, view behind the scenes footage of Lang Lang performing the music for the commercial at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPTTGld-DRo.

Recently, Lang Lang released his Sony Classical debut CD Live In Vienna on LP, various CD and DVD formats including a Blu-Ray Disc featuring "Lang Lang – The Third Dimension" filmed in 3D.

The next installment of the award-winning Gran Turismo simulation racing franchise, Gran Turismo 5, is designed for play exclusively to the PlayStation 3 system. Known for its signature beauty and precision, this highly anticipated racer showcases new jaw-dropping cars, real-life tracks, and diverse racing styles. Gran Turismo 5 promises to deliver exciting advancements to the series, and in the process deliver in the most comprehensive racing experience ever.

Gran Turismo 5 game logo
The Real Driving Simulator is Here
True to its pedigree, Gran Turismo 5 takes the GT series, as well as the simulation racing genre as a whole, to a whole new level. The game features over 1,000 realistically rendered cars. This is nearly 300 more than were included in GT4 for PlayStation 2, and literally several hundred more than what was available in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, the first GT game variation developed for PS3. This tremendous list includes standard categories of vehicles, including stock cars, tuned pre tuned vehicles and tunables, but keeping with modern automotive technology GT5 also includes the latest, hybrid and electric car models. Just like any car, these can be raced, but as with their real-life cousins, players can also do things with these cars like monitor battery power as related to speed and other car usage. In addition, GT 5 features over 20 courses, more than 60 variations, a new physics engine allowing for realistic damage, a new in-cockpit view, HD support, and much more.

Camera angle from inside the cockpit in Gran Turismo 5
The Real Driving Simulator on your PS3.
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Multiple Play Modes
Local play options in Gran Turismo 5 include both a single player and split screen two-player arcade mode. GT Mode includes world map, my garage for storing your rides, car dealer, tuning shop, championship race, and license test. Online support through the PlayStation Network includes multiplayer support for up to 16-player races, an open lobby, text/voice chat, private room, online photo album, online replay album, and the ability to export replays to YouTube.

Key Game Features

1,000 Vehicles - 170 Premium new models, including hybrids and EVs, and 830 kinds of standard models similar to those seen in previous games.
Plenty of Courses - Rip it up in more than 20 courses, more than 60 layouts.
New Physics - The in-game physics system simulation is brand new to the series, and allows for greater realism and damage.
Arcade Mode - Allows for single race functionality and 2-player battle.
GT Mode Features - World Map, My Garage, Car Dealer, Tuning Shop, Car Washes/Oil Change, Race Championship (Series system, point system), License Test.
Online Features - 16-player support, Open Lobby, Text / Voice Chat, Private rooms, Online Photo Album, Online Replay Album, YouTube replay output.
Photo Mode - Photo Drive and Photo stage.
Gran Turismo TV - Video output to a PSP or PSP Go, Progressive Download, Improved user interface, continuous play for videos.
Sound Features - Custom soundtracks pulled from your PS3 hard-drive; Dolby Digital 5.1 and 7.1.