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Ksawery Wojcinski

Tower of Pressure

Antenna Non Grata

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1 EON 1 03:22  
2 EON 11 03:56  
3 EON 111 04:24  
4 EON 1V 02:40  
5 EON V 03:01  
6 EON V1 04:07  
7 EON V11 06:55  
8 EON V111 01:02  
9 EON 1X (feat. Maurycy Wójcinski) 04:39  
10 EON X 02:01  
11 EON X1 (feat. Maurycy Wójcinski) 06:18  
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Antenna Non Grata presents: Ksawery Wójcinski: Tower of Pressure [ANG CD18/2022]

Ksawery Wójcinski's "Tower of Pressure," is a recording of a session that took place at the CKiS Galeria Wieza Cisnien in Konin, Poland, an atmospheric gallery located in the restored railroad water tower. 

The peculiar acoustics of the venue became the modal framework for this material, which is at times minimalistic, sometimes expansive with the use of reverberations, silences, suspensions and focused on a clear emotional message. The album, released by the Konin-based Antenna Non Grata label, features Maurycy Wojcinski on trumpet in two tracks.

Ksawery Wójcinski is a versatile double bassist and composer with great sensitivity to sound. His interests range from early music to the most sophisticated improvised contemporary music. He has collaborated with Charles Gayle, Mikolaj Trzaska, Satoko Fuji, Nicole Mitchell, Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson and many more, and is the cofounder of such formations as the legendary Emergency and Hera. He is also known for his vocal experiments, which recall the spirit of such artists as Tom Waits and Frank Zappa.

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