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Klaus Makela

Stravinsky - Orchestre de Paris

Decca Classics
Release Date: March 10, 2023

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1 The Rite of Spring i. L'Adoration de la Terre 1. Introduction  
2 i. Les Augures printaniers (Harbingers of Spring).  
3 i. Jeu du rapt (Ritual of Abduction)  
4 i. Rondes printanie`res (Spring Rounds)  
5 i. Jeux des cite´s rivales (Ritual of the Rival Tribes)  
6 i. Corte`ge du sage_ Le Sage (Procession of the Sage_ The Sage)  
7 i. Embrasse de la terre (Kiss of the Earth)  
8 i. Danse de la terre (Dance of the Earth)  
9 ii. Le Sacrifice 9. Introduction  
10 ii. Cercles myste´rieux des adolescentes (Mystic Circles of the Young Girls)  
11 ii. Glorification de l'e´lue (Glorification of the Chosen One)  
12 ii. Evocation des ance^tres (Evocation of the Ancestors)  
13 ii. 13._Action rituelle des ance^tres (Ritual Action of the Ancestors)  
14 ii. 14._Danse sacrale (L'E´lue) (Sacrificial Dance)  
15 The Firebird - Introduction  
16 Le jardin enchante´ de Kastchei  
17 Apparition de l_oiseau de feu, poursuivi par Ivan Tsarevitch  
18 Danse de l_oiseau de feu  
19 Capture de l_oiseau de feu par Ivan Tsarevitch  
20 Supplications de l_oiseau de feu  
21 Apparition des treize princesses enchante´es  
22 Jeu de princesses avec les pommes d_or  
23 Brusque apparition d_Ivan Tsarevitch  
24 Khorovod (Ronde) des princesses  
25 Lever du jour  
26 Carillon fe´e´rique, apparition des Monstres-gardiens de Kastchei  
27 Arrive´e de Kastchei l_immortel  
28 Apparition de l_oiseau de feu  
29 Danse de la suite de Kastchei enchante´e par l_oiseau de feu  
30 Danse infernale de tous les sujets de Kastchei  
31 Berceuse (l_oiseau de feu)  
32 Re´veil de Kastchei, Mort de Kastchei, Profondes tene`bres  
33 Disparition du palais et des sortile`ges de Kastchei  
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Klaus Mäkelä, the first conductor signed to Decca for forty years, brings the Orchestre de Paris to the label for a major new album of Stravinsky’s most iconic ballet scores. The album represents Mäkelä’s first recording with his French orchestra, which will be followed by a further Ballet Russes release in 2024 featuring Stravinsky’s Petrushka and Debussy’s Jeux and L’Apres midi d’une faune.

Klaus Mäkelä has electrified the musicians and audiences of the Orchestre de Paris since the start of his Music Directorship in September 2021. One of the major projects of his second season at the Philharmonie de Paris was a traversal of Stravinsky’s pivotal ballet scores The Firebird and The Rite of Spring that proved anything but routine. The performances captured live on Decca’s new release carry the combination of intensity, intelligence and authority on which the young conductor is building his extraordinary career.

Introducing the project Klaus Mäkelä says “For me, these two works represent a conclusion and a new start. The Firebird is like a last statement of late-romantic orchestral expression with its harmonic language and orchestration stretched beyond imagination, and carrying the narrative of the story with every slightest gesture. The Rite of Spring opens up a completely new world. The colours and sounds he gets out of an orchestra are different from everything heard before. When performing this work one feels the aspect of a ritual very strongly. This is music that has the craziest rhythmic drive imaginable.”

Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring helped usher the art of notated music into the modern era. More than a century after its first performance in 1913, it retains its capacity to dazzle, provoke and shock. It calls for a huge orchestra while demanding absolute discipline and control from musicians and conductor, who must conjure an uncanny range of colours and moods. That score’s predecessor by four years, The Firebird, had already ensured the eyes of the world were on Stravinsky with its cinematic vividness and coruscating ‘infernal dance’.

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