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Keegan DeWitt: Bio

Keegan DeWitt is one of the more versatile and exciting young composers working in film and TV in 2018. Whether adding a refreshing voice to larger projects at HBO, SHOWTIME and FOX, or collaborating alongside notable independent filmmakers; his work crosses a large tapestry of styles and demands attention with its originality and emotion.

Over the past 5 years, Keegan has brought 15 films to the Sundance Film Festival; titles that would go on to garner an Academy Award, multiple Sundance Audience Awards, and an Independent Spirit Award. His work can also be heard on HBO's "Divorce". In addition to this, Keegan continues to expand on previous collaborative relationships with exciting young directors that have helped make his work a mainstay at festivals worldwide. 

Alongside his work as a composer, he has performed as a singer-songwriter and was founding member of the band Wild Cub. Their song "Thunder Clatter"  found success at radio and took them around the globe,  with appearances on Jimmy Fallon and Conan Obrien.

1 Opening Credits  
2 All the Little Pieces  
3 The Beginning ft. Leah Zeger  
4 NIA  
5 Little Fish  
6 Mum  
7 The Government Has the Cure  
8 Dr. Dormer  
9 Yellow  
10 Let's Get Married ft. Leah Zeger  
11 Haptic Memory  
12 Whale Watching  
13 Drugs in Your System  
14 Details  
15 See You in the Dark  
16 So Much to Remember  
17 I Don't Know What Else to Do  
18 The Procedure  
19 Did I Hurt You?  
20 Perfect Hawaiian Honeymoon (Opening Credits Reprise)  
21 Karaoke  
22 It Didn't Work  
23 The Letter ft. Leah Zeger  
24 Annie  
25 The Hike  
26 A Nice Camera  
27 I Was So Sad the Day I Met You ft. Lisa Liu and The Unison Orchestra  
28 End Credits  
29 See You in the Dark ft. Soko  

Milan Records today announces the February 5 release of LITTLE FISH (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK) with music by composer KEEGAN DEWITT.  Available everywhere now, the album features music from the sci-fi pandemic romance and 2020 Tribeca Film Festival standout directed by Chad Hartigan, and marks the fourth score collaboration between longtime friends DeWitt and Hartigan.  Starring Olivia Cooke, Jack O'Connell, Raúl Castillo and Soko, Little Fish will make its debut in select theaters and on VOD nationwide February 5 from IFC Films.