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Keaton Henson

Somnambulant Cycles

Mercury KX
Release Date: June 7, 2024

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1 Arriving 00:45  
2 Try 04:02  
3 Dorma 03:42  
4 Sandwalking 02:55  
5 Awake/Alive 03:42  
6 Bleached 03:22  
7 Crows 02:37  
8 Even 03:58  
9 Tokyo Laundry - Album Version 03:14  
10 I Sat 04:51  
11 Like Chalk 04:08  
12 Noss 03:51  
13 Us Together 03:41  
14 And All At Once We Were Radiant 04:47  
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Following on from his 2023 album House Party, Somnambulant Cycles is more of a spiritual successor to 2014’s cult favourite Romantic Works - seeing Henson return to those single, hyper-evocative compositions but with a sound and sensibility transformed by having since created seven albums, acclaimed scores for film and dance, and the vast orchestral work Six Lethargies.

The album is soaked in Keaton’s signature deeply intimate sound but has an added collaborative element; with features not only from Daniel Herskedal but also from the ethereal singer and composer Hinako Omori, adding electronics and piano, as well as working with previous trusted collaborators such as cellist Ren Ford, who featured heavily on Romantic Works, and multi-instrumentalist and composer Dorry Macaulay. Starting his career as an illustrator, creating the artwork for a number of acclaimed albums, Henson has always designed the artwork for all of his releases.

Henson describes the album as ‘bedroom,’ but deep and rich. Undulating meditative synth rhythms and electronic textures can be heard alongside emotive raw strings and horns - separate elements glued together with a humanness and vulnerability of performance, recorded up close and with flaws left in.

A cult hero who has been releasing music for over a decade, Keaton Henson excels in all formats and media in one aspect: total emotional honesty. With eight studio albums including the hugely acclaimed Birthdays, Dear, Romantic Works and Six Lethargies), five books and sold out shows in cathedrals, museums and concert halls around the world, his music has resonated with fans worldwide, exploring genres spanning from folk, indie, rock, pop, classical and beyond. Henson has also exhibited his visual art in galleries internationally, as well as scoring for film, ballet and TV, most notably his acclaimed scores for the film ‘supernova’ and BBC’s ballet war epic ‘Young Men.’ and his orchestral works performed at venues such as Sydney Opera House and the Barbican.

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