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Track Listing:

Albeniz: Cantos de Espana, Op.232: #5, Seguidillas
#4, Cordoba
Albeniz: Suite espanola No. 1, Op. 47: #3, Sevilla
Granados: 12 Danzas espanolas, Op. 37: #2, Oriental
#5, Andaluza
Granados: Escenas poeticas, Book 1: #3, Danza de la rosa
Turina: 5 Danzas gitanas, Op. 55: #1, Zambra
#2, Danza de la seduccion
#3, Danza ritual
#4, Generalife
#5, Sacro-monte
Mompou: Cancons i danses: #1, Quasi moderato
#2, Lento
#5, Lento liturgico
#6, Cantabile espressivo
deFalla: El sombrero de tres picos, Pt. 2: #2, Danza del molinero
deFalla: El amor brujo - #5, Danza del terror
#8, Danza ritual del fuego

Katarzyna Musial :

My Spanish Heart

With the release of My Spanish Heart (DUX recordings) pianist Katarzyna Musial builds upon her previous successful recording Come Dance with Me. My Spanish Heart continues to explore the idiom of dance through musical expression with this time focusing on renowned Spanish composers. My Spanish Heart is now available to stream and download on all popular digital service providers and for retail purchase.

In this album, Katarzyna Musial revels in the artistic and cultural splendors of the Iberian peninsula. "You don't have to be born in a culture to be enamored with it," she explains. In fact, her love affair with Spain was first sparked during childhood when, at five years old, she simply fell in love with the country upon a visit with her parents.

The album echoes Arabian, Sephardic and Gypsy influences, in conjunction with the Western European tradition (of which Spain has always felt it was a part), constituting a highly interesting component. The influence of French music, notably by Impressionist composers, is particularly strong: the raw and exceedingly emotional Spanish folk music seems to fit surprisingly well with the refined sound idiom and freely-elaborated forms of expression of French Impressionists, liberated from classical conventions.

Open to various forms of art, Musial has taken a multidimensional approach in producing her latest work. Prior to recording the album, she immersed herself and learnt flamenco dance to gain a deeper understanding of the spirit of Spanish music. The diverse musical colors, feelings and emotions of Spanish music seem to be a natural environment for Musial, who with her pianistic temperament creates a delightful listening experience. According to Robert Ratajczak from Art Post Magazine, "Such well-crafted treatment of the musical compositions of Isaac Albeniz or Manuel de Falla provides the impression that the pianist is fully immersed in every note." The admiration for the music of famous Spanish composers is widespread. For years, the repertoire - especially by guitarists and pianists - has brought to the forefront compositions by Manual de Falla and the numerous "fiestas" built with the sound and mood of "flamenco".

"Not without significance is also the title of the album", reveals Dionizy Piatkowski from Era Jazzu magazine, "Katarzyna Musial, who on the one hand sounds warm, beautiful and "Spanish", while on the other it reminds me of the famous album by Chick Corea. "My Spanish Heart": both in Katarzyna Musial and in Chick Corea releases similar emotions."

An interpretive admiration for the beautiful, melodic and "spanish heart" compositions of Isaac Albeniz, Enrique Granados, Joaquin Turin, Frederico Mompou and Manuel de Falla, the album "My Spanish Heart" is just as perfect as it is nostalgic delighting us from the beginning to the end, creating a unique and enchanting atmosphere.