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Track Listing:

Beautiful Pain
Ancka's Dolphin Dance
Black is the Color
Chantez Les Brahms
Something Suite
Lune Dreams
Claire de Lune
One Perfect Day
My Love Isn't

Karin & Mike Kelleher :


Karin & Mike Kelleher Announce Release Of Debut Album - Mélange
Blends Rich Harmonic Colors and Rhythm from Jazz, Classical Genres
To Be Released – September 4th, 2015

Composer/vocalist Mike Kelleher and classical violinist Karin Kelleher will release their debut album Mélange on September 4th, 2015. The album blends rich and diverse harmonic colors and rhythm, fusing jazz and classical styles, and includes original compositions and arrangements.

Mélange (French for "mix" or "blend") celebrates the cross-influences of classical and jazz composers, and includes a unique ensemble of performers who excel in both genres. The unique acoustic instrumentation includes string quartet, double bass, guitar, oboe, voice, and drummer Joe McCarthy, the founder and leader of the Latin Grammy award-winning group Afro Bop Alliance.

Produced, composed and arranged by Mike Kelleher, Mélange celebrates the cross-influences of classical and jazz composers, highlighting musicians who perform -- and serving listeners who enjoy -- both genres. 

Karin and Mike settled in the Washington, DC area just before Mike began a stint at the White House (NY Times story here, and bio here), and Karin now plays with the Maryland Symphony, Annapolis Symphony and other ensembles (bio here). They have three daughters, and perform regularly on the East Coast. 

The debut video from the album, is an animation video by Collin McRae Leix, based on a story written by Mike Kelleher. It's the story of a girl who dreams of playing with dolphins, and who later recalls that cherished memory when dealing with life's challenges. The song suggests dolphins' gentle undulating movements aside the boat. It is adapted from Herbie Hancock's Dolphin Dance, with a new arrangement and lyrics by Mike Kelleher.

Mike Kelleher's original compositions on the album range from the silky jazz ballad 

Beautiful Pain (Track 1); the up-tempo Latin/African jazz tune Jeannot (2); to the jazz folk song My Love Isn't (12).

Ancka's Dolphin Dance (3) combines Herbie Hancock's melodic Dolphin Dance with original lyrics.

Black is the Color (4) blends Irish fiddle articulation with hip hop and African rhythm, along with adapted lyrics from the traditional Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair.

Chantez Les Brahms (5) merges W.C. Handy's blues classic Chantez Les Bas with Brahms' Violin Concerto, Adagio. Something Suite mixes a Latin jazz arrangement of Giga

(6) from Bach's Partita No. 2, followed by a cello interlude linking it to a lyrical jazz waltz arrangement of George Harrison's Something.

(7) Lune Dreams groups three diverse pieces of art which describe the moon's effect on lovers: the cool jazz Moonlight (aka Moon Dreams) (8) as performed by Miles Davis, Debussy's well-loved Claire de Lune (9) (French for moonlight) which includes original lyrics adapted from Paul Verlaine's poem Clair de Lune (which inspired Debussy's composition).

One Perfect Day (10) surrounds Bach's Cello Suite Prelude in Eb with a rock arrangement and original counter-melody and lyrics.

Kyrieousity (11) adapts melodies from Bach's Kyrie from the Mass in B Minor, combines these with the folk melody and words of Will the Circle Be Unbroken, and grounds it in the rich jazz/blues harmony of Dave Holland's Empty Chair. 

Album Credits:
Produced, composed, and arranged by Mike Kelleher
Lead/background vocals: Mike Kelleher
Violin:Karin Kelleher, Joanna Owen
Viola:Karin Kelleher, Magaly Rojas Seay
Cello:Todd Thiel, Peter Kibbe, Gita Ladd
Bass:Eliot Seppa
Drums and Percussion: Joe McCarthy (leader and founder of the Latin Grammy-winning Afro Bop Alliance)
Oboe: Fatma Daglar
Guitar: Mike Kelleher, Jim Roberts
Recording Engineer: Jim Robeson (2x Grammy winner, 10x Grammy nominee)