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Karin & Mike Kelleher


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Interview with WGLT's Charles Schlenker
1 Beautiful Pain
2 Jeannot
3 Ancka's Dolphin Dance
4 Black is the Color
5 Chantez Les Brahms
6 Something Suite
7 Lune Dreams
8 Moonlight
9 Claire de Lune
10 One Perfect Day
11 Kyrieousity
12 My Love Isn't
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Composer/vocalist Mike Kelleher and classical violinist Karin Kelleher release their debut album Mélange on September 4th, 2015. The album blends rich and diverse harmonic colors and rhythm, fusing jazz and classical styles, and includes original compositions and arrangements. Mélange (French for "mix" or "blend") celebrates the cross-influences of classical and jazz composers, and includes a unique ensemble of performers who excel in both genres. The unique acoustic instrumentation includes string quartet, double bass, guitar, oboe, voice, and drummer Joe McCarthy, the founder and leader of the Latin Grammy award-winning group Afro Bop Alliance.

10 NEW  60 Total
Markets include: Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans, Minneapolis, San Diego, Baltimore, New Orleans, Berkeley CA, Orlando, Rochester & Syracuse NY, Honolulu, Montreal, Vancouver
INTER: Canada, The Netherlands
Online: Taintradio, Baltimore Sun, Jazz From Gallery 41, Classicalite, HuffPost, JazzWeekly

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