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Julia Lezhneva

Carl Heinrich Graun - Opera Arias

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Julia Lezhneva - D'ogni aura al mormorar - Orfeo - Graun'
1 Graun: Opera Arias - Sento una pena  
2 Graun: Opera Arias - Sforzero d'avverso mare  
3 Graun: Opera Arias - Senza di te, mio bene  
4 Graun: Opera Arias - La gloria t'invita  
5 Graun: Opera Arias - Piangete, o mesti lumi  
6 Graun: Opera Arias - Sinfonia  
7 Graun: Opera Arias - Il mar s'inalza e freme  
8 Graun: Opera Arias - D'ogni aura al mormorar  
9 Graun: Opera Arias - No, no di Libia fra l'arene  
10 Graun: Opera Arias - A tanti pianti miei  
11 Graun: Opera Arias - Mi paventi il figlio indegno  
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Russian soprano Julia Lezhneva unearths incredible undiscovered arias from Carl Heinrich Graun in her new album, Carl Heinrich Graun: Opera Arias, released on Decca Classics on 14 April. The album features 11 world premiere recordings, as well as the closing piece "Mi paventi il figlio indegno," which initially inspired Julia to delve further into the works of Graun.

A musician of considerable accomplishment as Royal Kapellmeister to the Prussian king Frederick the Great, Graun was an important German composer of Italian baroque opera, but is almost unknown today. It was when preparing for a concert at Frederick's Sanssouci palace in Potsdam that Lezhneva first came into contact with an aria by Graun, "Mi paventi" from Britannico (1751).

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