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Judith Lang Zaimont

Pure, Cool (Water) - Symphony No. 4

Sorel Classics

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1 in a current ( The River )  
2 as a solid ( Ice )  
3 falling drops ( Rainshower )  
4 still ( The Tarn )  
5 in waves and torrents ( Ocean )  
6 Piano Trio #1 - Russian Summer: Nocturne  
7 Piano Trio #1 - Russian Summer: Romp  
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Sorel Classics has released the World Premiere recording of Judith Lang Zaimont's "Pure, Cool (Water)" - Symphony No. 4,performed by the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra, Niels Muus, conductor. This new five-movement symphony has been conceived as an exploration of the various states of water - rapid/running, falling, still, frozen, rolling - and is a project close to the composer's heart: Her father was a prominent chemist specializing in water treatment and control; a past president of the National Water Pollution Control Federation, after whom there are awards named in at least three states. The Symphony is another of Zaimont's pieces for various forces which celebrate the natural world.  

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Classical 24, CBC
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