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Jon Balke's Siwan


Release Date: April 22, 2022

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1 Tarraquab  
2 Enamorado de Jupiter  
3 Mirada Furtiva  
4 La Estrella Fugaz  
5 Arrihu Aqwadu Ma Yakunu Li-Annaha  
6 Dialogo en la Noche  
7 Linea oscura  
8 Saeta  
9 Uquallibu  
10 Wadadtu  
11 Visita  
12 Is There No Way  
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Hafla is the third album from Norwegian keyboardist-composer-arranger Jon Balke’s Siwan, launched in 2007 as a meeting point for musicians of strikingly different backgrounds and experiences.  Siwan celebrates the concept of coexistence and cooperation, making the case for the positive attributes of cultural diversity, as it looks back into history and forwards towards new models for shared work.  The legends and the poetry of al-Andalus continue to inspire Balke and company, but this is contemporary music shaped by players who choose to listen, respond and adapt.

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