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John Potter

Amores Pasados


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1 Lope de Vega Carpio - Al son de los arroyuelos
2 Gustavo Adolfo Becquer - No dormia
3 Anon C15 - So ell encina Anon, C15 4:32
4 John Fletcher Peter Warlock - Sleep
5 Thomas Campion - Follow thy fair sun
6 Thomas Campion - Oft have I sighed
7 Picforth (fl. c. 1580) - In nomine 1 2:30
8 Thomas Campion - The cypress curtain of the night  
9 A E Housman | E. J. Moeran - Oh Fair enough are sky and plain
10 Tony Banks - The cypress curtain of the night (var.)
11 Picforth - In nomine 2 2:17
12 Sting - Bury me deep in the greenwood
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"A hundred years ago, a song was just a song – it belonged to whoever sang it while they were singing it. Any music could be ‘popular' music, with barrow boys whistling Verdi arias in the street," writes vocalist John Potter in the liner notes to his newest ECM recording, Amores Pasados. Yet, as he points out, there eventually became a category of "art song," as distinct from popular and folk song; the advent of radio and recordings brought professional interpreters of those art songs, superseding amateur singers gathered around a piano with Schubert sheet music in hand. As the 20th-century wore on, the opposite of art song became known as the "pop song," with purveyors of the latter often singing the songs themselves, blending original lyrics with their music. With Amores Pasados, Potter aims to refract the concepts of art song and popular song through a double prism. Along with interpreting folk-inflected songs by composers from the Renaissance to the 20th century, he performs art songs written by English artists known for their feats in popular music: John Paul Jones (of Led Zeppelin fame), Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks and Sting.

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