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John Bullard

24 Preludes for Solo Banjo

Albany Records
Release Date: January 28, 2022

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Prelude No. 6 in C Sharp Minor
Prelude in B Flat Major
Bach Prelude from Violin Partita No. 3 BWV 1006
1 Prelude No. 1, C major - Undulating 2:37  
2 Prelude N0. 2, A minor - Presto 1:11  
3 Prelude No. 3, D Major - Theme & Variations 3:49  
4 Prelude No. 4, B minor - Dialogue 2:16  
5 Prelude No. 5, E Major - Jig 1:25  
6 Prelude No. 6, C Sharp minor - Presto 1:40  
7 Prelude No. 7, F Sharp Major - Barcarolle 2:46  
8 Prelude No. 8, E Flat minor - '80s Rock Groove 1:43  
9 Prelude No. 9, A Flat Major - Cakewalk 2:34  
10 Prelude No. 10, F minor - Passacaglia 2:53  
11 Prelude No. 11, B Flat Major - Impromptu 1:58  
12 Prelude No. 12, G minor - Waltz 3:12  
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Hailed as “one of a kind, a banjoist who specializes in classical music and regularly knocks socks off left and right doing so,” John Bullard has released a new recording, 24 Preludes for Solo Banjo, Volume One, Books 1 & 2 Nos. I-XII produced by multiple Juno Award and Grammy-winning David Travers-Smith.   Bullard commissioned composer Adam Larrabee to write 24 Preludes which Larrabee says he wrote in a style that is “predominantly early 20th-century, at times almost neo-classical and inspired by works of J.S. Bach, Chopin and Shostakovich that follow the long-standing tradition of writing pieces in all the major and minor keys to showcase an instrument’s versatility.” He continues, “I have tried make each prelude feature a different form, performance technique, timbre, or rhythmic style. There is an all-pizzicato or muted piece, one featuring natural harmonics or “chimes,” a Bulgarian ratchenitsa, a Basque zortico, a passacaglia, a jazz “stride piano” style cakewalk, a theme and variations, a Brazilian choro in the style of the great Villa-Lobos, and Russian march ala Prokofiev. It has been a wonderful experience to feature the banjo in these diverse styles and create new repertoire for this beautifully unique and versatile instrument.” Available through iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Amazon and other major streaming services.

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