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Joep Beving: Bio

The world is a hectic place right now. I felt a deep urge to reconnect on a basic human level with people in general. Music as our universal language has the power to unite. Regardless of our cultural differences I believe we have an innate understanding of what it means to be human. We have our goosebumps to show for it. It's incredible to see that an artist can reach people all over the world simply by playing the music that I believe in – music in its purest form.

"Solipsism" refers to the philosophical idea that reality only exists in one's mind. Everything outside of it, the external world and the minds of others, cannot truly be known and hence does not exist. My music is an experiment in existential communication, a belief in an absolute aesthetic, to prove that a universal and metaphysical reality does exist.

My new album called "Prehension" will be released on 7 April 2017.

1 Unus mundus  
2 Into The Dark Blue  
3 Whales  
4 Sirius  
5 Shepherd  
6 Orvonton  
7 Sol And Luna  
8 Klangfall  
9 Philemon  
10 Noumenon  
11 Saudade da Gaia  
12 Apophis  
13 Aeon  
14 Implikigo  
15 Venus  
16 Anima  
17 Adrift In Aether  
18 The One As Two  
19 Henosis  
20 Anamnesis  
21 Nebula  
22 Morpheus' Dream  
Unus Mundus (Movement I)
Record Radar
Maarten Vos en Joep Beving op Cross-linx 2018
Joep Beving live @Funkhaus Berlin

Dutch composer and pianist Joep Beving releases his third album, Henosis today on Deutsche Grammophon – the album marks the final volume in a trilogy of albums that comprises Beving's debut album Solipsism and his sophomore album Prehension. This album also marks the end of an intensely personal four-year spiritual and philosophical exploration for the acclaimed composer/pianist. 

Crossover Media Projects with: Joep Beving