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Joel A. Martin

Jazzical: Perestroika

MCS Records

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Joel Martin comes to the Cortlandt School Of Performing Arts
Joel A. Martin - Jazzical Spirit - Live from Atlanta
Joel Martin - Requiem for Peace - Movement 8 - Finale
1 Tchai Bazurka  
2 The Rach Man  
3 Ukrainian Coolmas  
4 Shosta Waltza  
5 Scriabin's Reverie  
6 Song of India  
7 Etude in C# minor  
8 Prelude in G minor  
9 Preluda Swinga Samba  
10 Real Ukrainian Coolmas  
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After a decade of marrying classical and jazz into a new musical art form, pianist Joel A. Martin brings the fire and passion of Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Shostakovich and other Russian composers to the sounds of jazz, with his 4th CD in the Jazzical series, Jazzical: Perestroika! This music stems from Martin's love of Russian culture, music and art, and features Jed Levy(saxophone), Richard Crooks(drums) & David Dunaway(bass)

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Syndicated includes:
Jazz After Hours
Markets include: Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Cleveland, Baltimore(ADI), St. Louis, Kansas City, Portland, Albuquerque, Australia

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