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Joe Hisaishi

Dream Songs

Decca GOLD

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One Summer's Day
1 One Summer's Day (from Spirited Away)  
2 Kiki's Delivery Service (from Kiki?s Delivery Service)  
3 Summer (from Kikujiro)  
4 il Porco Rosso (from Porco Rosso)  
5 Madness (from Porco Rosso)  
6 Water Traveller (from Water Traveler - Samurai Kids)  
7 Oriental Wind  
8 Silent Love (from A Scene at the Sea)  
9 Departures (from Departures)  
10 PRINCESS MONONOKE - Suite (from Princess Mononoke)  
11 The Procession of Celestial Beings (from The Tale of Princess Kaguya)  
12 My Neighbour TOTORO (from My Neighbor Totoro)  
13 Ballade (from BROTHER)  
14 KIDS RETURN (from Kids Return)  
15 Asian Dream Song  
16 Birthday  
17 Innocent (from Castle in the Sky)  
18 Fantasia (for Nausica) (from Nausica of the Valley of the Wind)  
19 HANA-BI (from HANA-BI)  
20 The Wind Forest (from My Neighbor Totoro)  
21 Angel Springs  
22 Nostalgia  
23 Spring  
24 The Wind of Life  
25 Ashitaka and San (from Princess Mononoke)  
26 Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (from Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea)  
27 Cinema Nostalgia  
28 Merry-Go-Round (from Howl's Moving Castle)  
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Joe Hisaishi, the celebrated Japanese composer behind some of the world's best-loved anime films, is releasing a brand new album on 21st February entitled Dream Songs: The Essential Joe Hisaishi – a collection of recordings from the composer himself. That same day, 30 albums from the composer's extensive catalogue will be released on streaming services worldwide for the first time ever. This marks a major milestone for Hisaishi and is the result of an international collaboration between Decca Gold and UMG Japan.

The new album celebrates Hisaishi's diverse and distinguished catalogue of compositions spanning his nearly 40-year career, including his work with acclaimed filmmakers Hayao Miyazaki and ‘Beat' Takeshi Kitano as well as selections from Studio Ghibli classics Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle and more. Hisaishi's first official music video to ‘One Summer's Day' (from Spirited Away) was welcomed by fans, having reached one million views in the first month alone.

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