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Joe Chindamo | Zoe Black

The New Goldberg Variations

Release Date: August 28, 2015

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Zoe Black and Joe Chindamo (ALFI RECORDS)
1 Aria
2 Variation 1
3 Variation 2
4 Variation 3
5 Variation 4
6 Variation 5
7 Variation 6
8 Variation 7
9 Variation 8
10 Variation 9
11 Variation 10
12 Variation 11
13 Variation 12
14 Variation 13
15 Variation 14
16 Variation 15
17 Variation 16
18 Variation 17
19 Variation 18
20 Variation 19
21 Variation 20
22 Variation 21
23 Variation 22
24 Variation 23
25 Variation 24
26 Variation 25
27 Variation 26
28 Variation 27
29 Variation 28
30 Variation 29
31 Variation 30
32 Aria
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ALFI Records is pleased to present The New Goldberg Variations, an inventive and inspired re-imagining of Bach's masterwork, from Australian duo Zoë Black, violin, and pianist Joe Chindamo. First performed recently and to great acclaim in Melbourne, The New Goldberg Variations features Bach's complete and original Goldberg Variations with a newly-composed counterpoint for the violin by Joe Chindamo. The world premiere recording will be released in North America on August 28. In addition, Black and Chindamo will make their U.S. debut as a duo, performing The New Goldberg Variations in recital at Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall on Wednesday, September 30 at 8:00 pm.

Well-known in their native Australia, Black, a leading classical violinist, and Chindamo, an internationally-acclaimed jazz pianist, composer and arranger, are praised for combining the rigor of classical music and the excitement and urbanity of jazz.  They are described by Limelight Magazine as "brimming with creativity ... instead of breaking down boundaries, this duo appears not to notice them."

"The Goldberg Variations is my refuge," says Chindamo, "it satisfies me intellectually and nurtures my soul." However, the addition of an extra violin line to Bach's work – where the piano part remains unaltered – is a daring venture, which Chindamo did not undertake lightly: "When Zoe asked me if I would write a part for her, the only self-imposed rule was that I would not alter a single note Bach wrote, and decided to adhere to Bach's language and aesthetic. Now, this is dangerous idea because to write in the style of Bach is akin to introducing another character into one of Shakespeare's plays!"  Before long, the project became an obsession imbued with an intense sense of purpose for Chindamo, "As I worked through the variations, the violin part increasingly assumed a collaborative role and then, it was almost as if Bach's original keyboard part began to posthumously respond to the violin!" With The New Goldberg Variations, Chindamo and Black have created an improvisational meeting between two players, across almost three centuries.

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